Retail Intelligence Advisors Services

Market Analysis

Trade Area Analysis

Provide trade area definition and an assessment of the population, demographic and psychographic characteristics; provide future market trends and identify implications for merchandising, marketing and investing in a given property.

Competitive Evaluation

Evaluate a market's existing retail landscape, how it is expected to change, how it impacts the subject property and how an effective response can be fashioned; identify merchandising voids and opportunities in the trade area.

Property Analysis

Analyze a property's strengths and weaknesses based on sales performance, location and site factors, marketing program and physical plant characteristics.

Market Positioning

Assess a property's current position in the market vis-à-vis competitors and define a new positioning for addressing changing market realities and improving productivity.

Site Feasibility Assessment

Assess the viability of a given site for a shopping center property based on a variety of factors, including visibility, accessibility and location with regard to population and other market characteristics.

Due Diligence for Acquisitions

Investment Risk/Opportunity Assessment

Identify potential risks and opportunities associated with a given shopping center property based on market and performance factors.

Existing Lease Review for Shopping Centers

Review current and prospective leases from leasing/merchandising perspective to determine their favorability to ownership.

Existing Lease Plan Review for Shopping Centers

Review with regard to space layout and configuration, to tenant viability and to the feasibility of projected rents and TIs.

Meet with Prospective Shopping Center Tenants

Determine the interest level and feasibility of prospective tenants to join the property.

Merchandising Strategies

Turn Around Strategies

Identify solutions for re-tenanting and re-use of space for distressed properties.

Tenant Mix Planning

Identify the optimal specific tenant and category mix, including shops, food services, entertainment and other uses.

Identify Individual Tenants

Help secure new tenants for vacant spaces; identify specific retailers for a given property by presenting those retailers with an expert third party assessment that includes detailed sales forecasts and related rationale.

Sales and Rent Forecasting

Forecast sales and rents by category, retail type and specific tenant.

Advisory Services

Customized Workshops

Create presentations on industry fundamentals and trends.

Ongoing Support

Provide access to retail expertise via ongoing phone and/or meetings contact.